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I'm a terrorist, you're scared with terror, need a therapist?
Apparent derelict, exploding flares, impairing Arabics
I'm owning totem poles with open soles from Rome to Kosovo
Known to impose my quotables, go slow you're prone to overdose
Comatose, and I'll hit with descriptive ballistics
Encript a hidden virus and I'll give you digital sickness
I'm cancerous like a scandalous televangelist
A cataclysmic killer catastrophically calamitous
They call me Versatai, I'm the perfect crime diversified
Make sure insurgents die, if I hurt your pride, keep it internalized
I'm a poltergeist that’s so cold as ice when I hold the mic
With flows so tight it's known I might stick out more than an overbite
My torture chamber has swords and razors, and a hoard of dangers
Torch invaders with the Force of Vader, go and warn the neighbors
I dump bodies, I'm an ungodly precision dropper
I punch Gotti's and I run trolleys like Mr. Rogers
You battle me, I'll turn the lights out like the Amish
Download me for free, but I guarantee you're payin' homage
And at that price you're robbing me blind, so I changed to Vonage
I'll take a hostage and get extra credit like I stayed in college
Built my resume in 7 days, the God of features
Playin "just the tip''s like when my favorite artist drops a teaser
Professor Versatai, been schoolin guys, but not a teacher
Chompin at the bit to eat rappers while wearin' Crocs for sneakers
Never missin with my mouth, imagine havin’ it shot at you
You’ll die from goin nuts, anaphylactic shock value
Another episode of wreckin foes, impeccable
A rapper that doesn't reference gettin' cheddar or lettuce, vegetables
Cookin flow shit, use the heat for reference, Hell's Kitchen
Don't lose focus when I flash the Lethal Weapon, Mel Gibson
Merciless circuitry, cuz Verse is on a murder spree
I'm heard so universally so learn my terms concurrently
I'm stuck in tough times, but I'm more than fuckin punch lines
When other topics come by, trust me I'll be just fine
It's lunch time and I'm snackin' on you engineers
Been rappin for eleven years while using half my hemispheres
I'm a liquored vet, cigarette'in up the internet
Facebook's good for buildin' rep, but to hit direct then Twitter's best
Treat my BandCamp like Van Damme and kickin down the doors
Don't think I'll amount to more? then unplug the fuckin power cord
I'm photogenic, you soldiers are co-dependent
I can tell you're stuck up like bein anal hole retentive
I'm so expensive in the sense that I pen gold
Treating other rappers like another notch in my bedpost
I'm a Trojan Horse, approach with force and leave with open sores
You think that you can flow? Of course, but only as a floating corpse
I'm a ticking time bomb, with visions in my right palm
I picture images, depict what's clicked within a Nikon
I wreck standards with the best candor
I'm an Anchorman, illegal in more states than Sex Panther
I'm a world record holder, find me in the Book of Guinness
Takin baby steps, cuz I'm loop, swoop and pullin bitches
I sway votes, while I make you the scapegoat
Cuz your rhymes are as Progressive as insurance rate quotes
I'm an overworked, sober jerk, lazy fuck who stole this verse
Broke the mold at first but focused most on torching motor nerves
Absorb the burns as I descecrate your sacred land
Play the game at hand, I battle like Custer to take a stand
The shit I spit is magically lethal, badly illegal
Our rapture has you scavenger people actin deceitful
Masterful freak show making audiences stand and cheer
I'm so persuasive, I've got Muslims goin HAM this year
I'm an infomercial you can watch me when it's gettin late
I'm a Grout Bully, I penetrate and eliminate
Sweeter than Skittles, I'm doin' my best Marshawn
You couldn't reach the crowd if you were Stretch Armstrong
A whirling dervish, so be careful when I start to funnel
You're not the type, you feel trapped inside the carpal tunnel
Music's a marathon, you ask if you have to run far?
You're a bad rapper, but a great golfer, you're subpar
Did you say you're tryin' to make a lifestyle change?
So that's why you said "hey guys, pile on stage!"
You want me on your track for features cuz I'm such a rabid creature
I'm a dirty fuck, slappin' teachers with my Trapper Keeper
I'm flexible, I wear rubbers like neoprene
While I'm takin ya girl to Fuck You (U) like Cee Lo Green
I feel certain, my Steel Curtain hits like Mean Joe Greene
I'm Manning up and tossing her out like I'm Tebow's team
Clean up on aisle "Weak", I've heard all about your swag
You have ambitious writtens, you got your chickens counted before they hatch
Fighting with your DJ, think you'll make it without a scratch?
You're on a fuckin island, dumpster divin, you won't amount to trash
Behold the hourglass, cuz I'm the Cinderella Man
Time's up, you're less offensive than the 2011 Rams
You're craftin less complexity than nursery rhymes
With talent buried so deep it's impossible to surgically find
They call me Vers with atai, I'm a versatile guy
And if you wanna fuck like porn stars, I'm the first to recline
They call me the Merlin of rhymes cuz I am magic in the booth
Call me Jesus or Tebow, my legend's immaculately true
I'm bunk rockin, quarterbackin, with run options
And when you're at my shows you're more excited than Gus Johnson
Your perch on top ya crew is strictly ceremonial
The only way you're fittin in is stickin your dick inside a glory hole
The more we know, the fuckin less we try to understand
Check my discography, cuz my body is a Wonderland
Every verse I write I spit with quite the rare charm
I love my tattooed guns, but you have the right to bare (bear) arms
A hundred bars this hard, but I don't double charge
Accepted in more places than an AmEx or Discover Card


from Certified Verse Murderer, released October 24, 2012



all rights reserved


Versatai Ann Arbor, Michigan

It goes "The Evolution of Communication", "Bubble", then "Certified Verse Murderer", which is set to come out October 24th, 2012. I'm a certified verse murderer. I have a certificate and everything. Opened shows for big names, and aspire to be one of those said big names before you can blink. Keep an eye out for tons of new music ASAP. ... more

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