Magic in the Booth

from by Versatai

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Magic in the Booth
(Verse 1)
A rather smart guy masquerading as a barfly
My cock has a clock stopwatch, gives you a hard time
Massive erection, light headed like cabin depression
Check your issues at the door, it's a baggage-free section
Are you hearing popping noises and blood curdling cries?
Those are just your ears being devirginized by Versatai
I'm extraterrestrial I got clones in another universe
Looking down upon me for the day I win a Pulitzer
The way I grip the mic, I'll be fillin up the gigabytes
Can tell I'm gettin old cuz all my shows are now on Nick at Nite
I'm broke as fuck but I'm not flowin using Pro Tools
But I'm still in a class of my own, I'm home schooled
I'm not power trippin, I'm a bit misogynistic
You're a dyke who fights for equal rights, this isn't awkward is it?
I'm reppin, bench pressin while I'm exorcising demons
And you've only seen sections of what I'm known to ride a beat with

One of these days you're gonna see me on the TV
You'll hear what I'm saying, and then I'll have you believing
My life has a purpose I'm supposed to find the meaning
I've tried to slow it down but the years continue speeding
Careening in a way that I'm unaccustomed to
I've got a chip on my shoulder, I've got something to prove
Sometimes I speak fast so try not to get confused
There's something special here it's like magic in the booth

(Verse 2)
I play this game like a goalie, I’m cutting off angles
Only way you’re reaching Heaven’s if you’re sucking off angels
I’m liberal with dirty jokes, I’m playfully degenerate
Got rocks off on your lockjaw, I’m facially insensitive
Miss me when I’m gone? I’m still a livin’, breathin’ bit of semen
Spit the sickest writtens meanin’ I insist the shit’s demeanin’
I dwell inside the Devil’s ass, I’m livin’ in a Hellhole
The 3 (three) of us are Worlds Apart, in the middle of 7(seven) 4 (fo’)
Killin these folks under invisibility cloaks
My ability smokes like the divinity pope’s division re-votes
Like Damon Wayans, I bring Major Payne when I invade your brain
I'll give you Grammar lessons, call me Dr. Frasier Crane
I've got mechanical rhythm, mandible cannibalism
Dismantle tangible symptoms like Hannibal's victims
Unlike the vandals of Canada's system, there is no free health care
And there's not a chance in Hell I give a fuck about your welfare


(Verse 3)
I've got the rapping answers like a doctor while you're battling cancer
Like a bear inside your tent in the wild, you're not a happy camper
I've evolved communication, bubbled up and been the first to frost
You're my hernia patient, so turn and cough
I write the longest horror stories, here's the quick version
I'll remove your Muslim head piece, I'm dis-turban
My style adapts perfectly for any beat or feature
My excited rodent fans are eager beaver bleacher creatures
My Great flows erecting China walls, they're language barriers
But still support me, be a line-backer like James Farrior
I'm three quarters of the way there, I need a quarterback
Cuz every dollar counts, so don't go and torrent that
We're almost to the end but this is only the beginning
Cuz it sounds like I write my rhymes in Coding like DaVinci
The world is full of lies but I'm inhabiting the truth
Cuz my raps are half the proof that there is magic in the booth


from Certified Verse Murderer, released October 24, 2012



all rights reserved


Versatai Ann Arbor, Michigan

It goes "The Evolution of Communication", "Bubble", then "Certified Verse Murderer", which is set to come out October 24th, 2012. I'm a certified verse murderer. I have a certificate and everything. Opened shows for big names, and aspire to be one of those said big names before you can blink. Keep an eye out for tons of new music ASAP. ... more

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