The Craft Show feat. DZK and Warbux

from by Versatai

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The Craft Show

(chorus x2)
I'm making art, don't you see this is the craft show?
I'm collecting dollar bills every time that I pass go
When I'm writin bars I can sound just like an asshole
You weren't on my collabos cuz you've never seen a craft show

I’ve got a knack for craftin’ lines cuz no one raps it like this mastermind
I sharpen hardened blades to carve your face, I’ve got an axe to grind
You have to die, you’re facing certain death, you’re such a nervous wreck
While I’m as calm as ever, probably cuz I popped a Percocet
Your girl's textin me X and O, she used you as a steppin' stone
I ride where I reside, cuz her vagina is my second home
I'm a legend known to speak a bunch of savage shit
My C4 is a hit, but not to sink a fuckin Battleship
I'll teach you how to slash your wrists, so call me MasterCuts
Scare you worse than the morning after you didn't wrap it up
With shit more disgusting than what two girls do to a plastic cup
I blow a lot of smoke, but listen close cuz I can back it up
I've spent a lifetime avoiding wackness, I'm fucking allergic
I give the people what they want, call that customer service
Ascending to the top, it's such a feat to reach the pinnacle
But I'm a stroke of genius, you beat your meat to these subliminals

(chorus x2)

Got no reason for breathin', an apprehension for livin'
Cuz my existance just consists of stalkin' innocent women
Talkin in voices, "let's kill them and get it out of our system"
Damn, this iPhone Siri bitch is serious business
I knew I should've Asked Jeeves
I'm at your local high school makin rent sellin crack leaves
Yeah these kids are too fuckin stupid if you ask me
"Here", I got em puffin parsley out a glass piece
What the fuck, I get drunk, yo there's no joke for this line
I'm drunk at all times, I'm broke in my mind
Yo how this liquor like this legal and yet smokin's a crime
Where the fuck is Ryan Dunn, I wanna go for a drive
Listen, for all my fuckin rhymes, I should apologize
But I will not cuz you would know that it's a fuckin lie
I've got no conscience, I'm just monsterous
And I'ma say what the fuck I gotta say, that's a promise

(chorus x2)

I'm the illest in the game and I'm stakin my claim
The name's Warbux, bitch, don't you take it in vain
Now I ain't sayin that I'm God, but I'm Goddamn close
And I'll explain it to you why, but take some Goddamn notes
I've been doin this rap shit since you were in diapers
Before the influence of wack shit that's been ruining cyphers
But this is where the New Era begins
We were kind enough to share the shit with Jeremy Lin
But this ain't basketball
This is masterful rappin, my notebook is protected by a castle wall
And I am just a stone, you can laugh your asses off
Cuz I wanna eat a burger worse than David Hasselhoff
My mom calls me Brian, friends call me Orakpo
Your girl calls me daily, I call her a crack hoe
This is the Craft Show, Creep Show and Versatai is
Servin up some verses more merciless than the MRSA virus

(chorus x2)


from Certified Verse Murderer, released October 24, 2012



all rights reserved


Versatai Ann Arbor, Michigan

It goes "The Evolution of Communication", "Bubble", then "Certified Verse Murderer", which is set to come out October 24th, 2012. I'm a certified verse murderer. I have a certificate and everything. Opened shows for big names, and aspire to be one of those said big names before you can blink. Keep an eye out for tons of new music ASAP. ... more

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