The Final Showdown

from by Versatai

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The Final Showdown
(Verse 1)
Self-depricating, never fading like I'm telestrating
Demonstrating amazing elevating, my brain's depraving
Waiting, like against enemy forces
But the enemy's myself, that's why the threat is enormous
My angels and my demons make my conscience battle me
Apparently the end result is personality
Well actually, my brain waves have interfered
Crashing left to right, tonight's a fight with hemisphere
And when your circuit breaker trips your inner demons see the pain
And that's what leads to interruptions at the VMAs (Kanye)
My dreams refrain from continuity, I don't know who to be
A knight in shining armor or a dude that's on a shooting spree
There's two of me, cohesive thoughts escape my consciousness
One day I am a millionaire, the next day I'm impoverished
I gotta fix, this Jekyll and Hyde-like schitzophrenia
Before I get messed up in the limelight killin ten of ya

(Chorus x2)
Yeah, it's about to go down
I against I, in the final showdown
Yeah, it's about to go down
It's me versus me in the final showdown

(Verse 2)
It's uncharted territory and I'm sorta scared of glory
My mind is fucking me up like I'm holding a pair of 40s
You're asked a simple question and you offer no response
Cuz your brain has no way of deciphering all your thoughts
When your dreams leave your sleep it's an amplified nuisance
It has to lie rooted deep in rapid eye movement
Otherwise if dreams were reality, it'd be a tragedy
You couldn't take anything you dreamt about casually
Cuz nothing's what it seems in dreams, you need to watch it
Or your mind's taking flight so high up in a cockpit
With cloudy vision, surrounded by loud emissions
Astounding sounds that pound your head are found compounding writtens
It hurts to say how I feel a nervous breakdown
Cuz I'd be lying if I said that I'm in perfect shape now
Cuz I'm a fucking mess, but you would expect nothing less
Tons of stress has run its test, I've done by best so what is next? Yo

(chorus x2)

(Verse 3
So if your head is cloudy you just gotta talk it out
Whether you sit down to therapy or write a song about
The right or wrong amount of chemicals could be costly
It could mean that you're a genius or you have cerebral palsy
My imbalance made the former true with a distorted view
Cuz when you remember every detail, it tortures you
It's a gift and a curse, kinda like a script with no words
Your eyes are playing tricks like your vision is blurred
By debilitating diseases like Alzheimer's and Parkinson's
With pills that make you squeamish having taught liars to market them
It never fixes anything, at least that's how it seems to me
All it does is increases doctors' visits in frequency
Nothing's gonna fix me, I Die Hard or Live Free
And sometimes I question how solutions come so quickly
The doctor said I was different when I was born at Bixby
Well do you Believe it or Not? My mind's stranger than Ripley

(chorus x2)


from Certified Verse Murderer, released October 24, 2012



all rights reserved


Versatai Ann Arbor, Michigan

It goes "The Evolution of Communication", "Bubble", then "Certified Verse Murderer", which is set to come out October 24th, 2012. I'm a certified verse murderer. I have a certificate and everything. Opened shows for big names, and aspire to be one of those said big names before you can blink. Keep an eye out for tons of new music ASAP. ... more

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