Victorious (short)

from by Versatai

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(chorus x4)
Yo, you know my flow is glorious
I shall prevail, I'll be victorious

I'm so correct, and like Rodney I'm gettin "no respect"
It's a Dangerfield, huntin Star Wars like Boba Fett
I'm tasting victory like exploding the Death Star
Now only if my homies that know me would totally rep hard
I write the best bars when I'm pressured to perform
Never to conform, I can smell it and I bet that you've been warned
I understand that you'll never hit a playback
Finding the fame is like a needle in a haystack
I'm tryin to save rap with my victorious ways
But I bet I stay trapped in this glorious maze
Reaching for the top like I'm Kilimanjaro
Take everything I got and just fill it with sorrow
Cuz I'll get there, I've administered despair
Got props and top spots by wrestlin Ric Flair
It ain't a mystery, you can't be fakin' makin' history
I'd like to gain a little piece to say I'm tastin' victory

(chorus x4)
Yo, you know my flow is glorious
I shall prevail, I'll be victorious


from Certified Verse Murderer, released October 24, 2012



all rights reserved


Versatai Ann Arbor, Michigan

It goes "The Evolution of Communication", "Bubble", then "Certified Verse Murderer", which is set to come out October 24th, 2012. I'm a certified verse murderer. I have a certificate and everything. Opened shows for big names, and aspire to be one of those said big names before you can blink. Keep an eye out for tons of new music ASAP. ... more

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