Certified Verse Murderer

by Versatai

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This is the third solo album I've released. This is my best to date, and contains some of the greatest features I've ever been involved with. 20 tracks for free, with lyrics included for each verse? This is just too much for free, but I love you guys and all the support you've shown me, so I am proud to do this. Please give it an honest listen, and let me know what you think.


released October 24, 2012

Tracks 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, and 19 all produced by various online download sites
Track 6 produced by Beats By Markus
Track 18 produced by Howard "Carnije" Weatherspoon of Trample The Weak
Track 20 produced by Phathom

All of Versatai's recording and mixing handled by Man Cave Studios, i.e. my closet and desk.



all rights reserved


Versatai Ann Arbor, Michigan

It goes "The Evolution of Communication", "Bubble", then "Certified Verse Murderer", which is set to come out October 24th, 2012. I'm a certified verse murderer. I have a certificate and everything. Opened shows for big names, and aspire to be one of those said big names before you can blink. Keep an eye out for tons of new music ASAP. ... more

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Track Name: Certified Verse Murderer
Certified Verse Murderer
(chorus x4)
I'm a certified verse murderer
You're stealing all your shit, so I call you a turd burglar

(verse 1)
I take your breath away, it's hard to rip it from start to finish
I'll put you out of business, let's call you Sharper Image
I got that cryogenic flow, clinically frozen
With a Polaroid of me on X, picture me rollin
Victory smokin, doused in gas and caught on fire
Designing bombs atomically like Robert Oppenheimer
You wanna rock a cypher? I started rappin in Starter jackets
Worked overtime using artist wackness as target practice
Get to know the smile, I'm gonna stick around and flow awhile
And keep my baby picture on your wall, I'm such a poster child
I Puff the Magic Dragon but I'm not a lazy serpent
It turns out I'm an 80s version of a crazy person
I'm the descriptive type/I'm so in love with rap
That instead of playing spin the bottle, I was kissin mics
You may be flying Solo but you shouldn't be holding Hope
Cuz even God is sayin weed is natural, Holy smokes

(chorus x4)

(verse 2)
I go by Versatai, a certified verse murderer
You're stealing all your shit, so I call you a turd burglar
Workin the Earth's curvature, tryin to take initiative
Surgical third person Verse is changing his derivative
You're so inquisitive, how do I stay relevant?
Spit with the same eloquence, givin me great elements
Take and relate measurements, converting them to metric ways
While God was kicking back, I was working on that 7th day
My Hellish flames have made me the game's antithesis
Play with the same exquisiteness as 8 of Tiger's mistresses
Parade my viciousness that's why I got enemies
I'ma shock the world like Oswald did when he shot Kennedy
I'm never dyin, always livin just for the moment
My poor opponents are meeting all of my war components
You're sorta hopeless, I'm pourin focus like shots of liquor
So when I say throw your hands up, I hope you got the picture

(chorus x2)

(Verse 3)
When I started on this song I didn't know it'd be my intro
My sick flows are so Leukemia, like swollen lymph nodes
I'm such a fuckin beast they need MonsterQuest to uncover me
Life's so subtly bouncin up and down like double Ds
I'm kind of a big deal so you can bet my books are leather bound
And yeah that smell's mahogany, so you should prolly settle down
I'll kill a beat but I won't charge you like a wildebeest
Spit bewildered speak while being hyped up by Verbility
The thrill you seek is down a hill so steep like roller coasters
Bodybagging broke posers, and comatosin' overdosers
A natural born leader, I'm the dude to take charge
My lines are good for you, let's call them Nutri Grain Bars
I know I've earned my place on the hip hop honor roll
Spouting off these lines that are infectious like the common cold
When I'm catching fire just remember stop, drop and roll
A 21 pun salute, I'm bout to lock and load
Track Name: Afterthought Vol. 1

(chorus x2)
Can you answer why you consider me an afterthought?
I guess Versatai fever's somethin, you haven't caught
Prolly cuz I, I hate college, I'm no Asher Roth
I'm done being hard and guarded, it's time to cast it off

(verse 1)
I'm not a major factor and I'm not a swagger jacker
I just wanna stick around to be your favorite rapper
I may not come to every show, but I spit a heavy flow
And if there's something I should do differently, just let me know
Is it cuz you can't understand me when I'm rappin fast?
Or is it because I make you think, like playing baccarat?
Is it cuz I didn't grow up playing at the Neutral Zone
I'm still a Lions fan who's never seen them in the Super Bowl
It is cuz I don't play the brown nose game?
Is that the reason Verse isn't a household name?
I wasn't a River Rat, a Pioneer or Wolverine
But I still was here when our area code was 313
I've tried to go bigger but I've gotten no play
You would think I was imprisoned in Guantanamo Bay
I've put together bills with members from all the different crews
So how come I wasn't asked to participate in interviews?

(chorus x2)

(verse 2)
I won't nurse you back to health, but I've got some sick abilities
I keep the Diary of a Madman, cuz I'll Killah Priest
I get my fans to Raise Up like I'm Petey Pab
I want a piece of the pie, so I slit throats like Sweeney Todd
I lust for sloth and gluttony and other deadly sins
And I'm not horsin around, pullin tricks like equestrian
I'm a sexaholic, alcoholic, whatever you wanna call it
You can't have my afterthoughts if there's no, cash in your wallet
I make you pay to play like you do high school sports again
But once you get the itch I recommend you buy some Lotrimin
I'm feng shui, so I'm big on having one night stand
I don't have air conditioning, just a bunch of white fans
I show flashes of brilliance but it's only when the camera's on
Been known to shrink a head but never grew up in the Amazon
When you couldn't figure it out, you prolly threw a fit
Went on Wikipedia, or typed it in and Google'd it

(chorus x6)
Track Name: Enemy (short)
Enemy (short)

(chorus x2)
When you're doin promo you never mention me
When we're face to face, you're fake, you just pretend to be
I always thought that you were a good friend to me
Now I see what you wanted, you're just an enemy

You begged for me to let you get a set to get ahead
But you took the opportunity and you shit on it instead
I thought you were a friend to me but it turns out you’re an enemy
The general consensus sees a chemical dependency
Do you know how hard I work to set up shows uniquely?
You need me, believe me, I make this shit look easy
You, waltz in, think it's free for all friends
And you got like 30 of em and they're all performin
An hour late for sound check, you wonder why your sound's wrecked
All your fans are on your stage, you question why your crowd's less
You run 10 minutes over your given time limit
And when I ask why you say it's none of MY business?
I'm who put you on and I agreed to add another act
And your set was fucking terrible, and that's a public fact
You acted like my friend until the money had come
And when I said you didn't earn your keep you threw a fucking tantrum

(chorus x2)
Track Name: Chloroform feat. S.A. The Abolitionist and Deebo Mac
(chorus x2)
I believe I'm the overlord
Cuz if you're battlin me, it's lights out like chloroform
And don't you dare think I'm overboard
Cuz if you're battlin me, it's lights out like chloroform

(S.A. The Abolitionist)
I'm an evil being, reeking of green, you couldn't defeat this team
As a matter of fact when we leave you'll be fleeing the scene
You're running farther than a damn marathon and I just
Keep coming harder than a man without arms when I bust
I must confess, I'm such a mess, cuz of this obsession
I love stressin, compressin some sentences for this fuckin session
I'm blunt, rollin with a fat sack of reefer
But I push the envelope like an Anthrax dealer
I'm seeing two of you, and I can't stand neither
Your girl's the type of chick with a ransacked beaver
This man's eager to jam pack to capacity, a theater
And actually rap until I'm damaging the speakers
I'm sounding high like, only having tweeters in your ride
When you're listening to this I'm in the backseat, about to choke you with a line
You're a wreck to try to test me
And say you're hard like, you're erect to guys especially

(chorus x2)

I'm an ordinary gentleman, with extraordinary penmenship
I was born with scary sentences, transform me as a mentalist
After my punches, your physique and career are question marks
You're flexin parts with weapon scars, you think you're reppin hard?
Can't contain me in parenthesis, cuz I'm the greatest, period
Chop colons into semi-colons, cuz I've gained experience
I love indecent pranking, I believe in illegal hazing
I'll put you in more awkward positions than Tebow Planking
Right now you should consider your ears so damn lucky
Cuz I've forced myself upon them for years like I'm Sandusky
I'll chloroform your crew, let's drink a brew and take some head shots
Contract my services for cheap like DVDs from RedBox
I assisted Casey Anthony, and we made quite a team
I say I'm going green, but I'm never seen recycling
You wanna play a game, it's biological four square
I'll spike your mind with lines of psychological warfare

(Chorus x2)

(Deebo Mac)
Offa the rocker mentally
Meant to be full of energy
Integrated a formula
Formulated thru chemistry
Niggas need a schematic
When I rhyme
A lyrical labyrinth is how I lay my verses
The purpose
Confuse the enemy
My mind is like a brigade
Out of al Qaeda
I got metaphors
To metamorphosize a homeboy
Out of a hater
However ur hype
Is hypothetical
So lemme address that
Ur edible
I sit with a fork and knife
Where you rest at
Gimme the Mic
I bless that
Lyrical holy ghost
Is comin outta me
Who hot as me
Guarantee them niggas is
Probly fake as Patrick swayze doin pottery
I pity the fool that never knew I specialize in sodomy
So you and ur opinion
Should be happy if I let you bathe
In a pond
full Of my excrement
With all the other minions
Spit hot as an inferno
Gorilla dickin these rappers pussy lyrics
While my Niggas act like
They ain't no about it like Paterno
I know that the rhyme is staggering
My flow is made to be stagnant
Niggas who hate
Got women who sticking to me
Like a magnet
Hip hop is like a father
All u wack Niggas done murdered
So my purpose is to show you the second coming of hamlet
Staring dead at a juggernaut
Fuck if I get ur love or not
Blasting off with a 32
Doubt if I need another shot
3 of the dopest emcees
Takin over another spot
Spittin yae thru the Mic
U could boil off in another pot
Track Name: Welcome to the Mitten feat. Rick the Raconteur and Randall Brian
Welcome to the Mitten

We're 3 Worlds Apart screamin welcome to the mitten
If you can't stand the heat then get the fuck up out the kitchen
You need a dope rhyme? Well we're fittin the description
Just get your hands up and represent it for the mitten
Cuz, we're everything that your catalog is missin
We've been around forever so the fact we're dope's a given
The whole landscape of Michigan hip hop is shiftin
We're 3 Worlds Apart screamin welcome to the mitten

(Rick the Raconteur)
Welcome to Michigan, so where do I begin?
Our Pigs are Blind and our lakes have no comparison
Music as notable as the late George Harrison
And the cars we manufacture are straight up American
We turn prized Wolverines right into Presidents
Held Magic in our palms and our skyhooks are heaven sent
Party like rockstars, much to our own detriment
And when we give you Red Wings, you wish that you stayed celibate
Fab Five with styles sweeter than a Sour Patch
Lost all my damn cash on grass at the Hash Bash
This glove has finger prints that don't fade like common sense
Ann Arbor state of mind, blowin smoke from my esophagus
(Versatai) All we're tryin to do is represent for our metropolis
And don't worry about the rapture, homie, we'll decide the apocalypse
Tired of these rappers in and out like an accordion
You wanna commit suicide, you shoulda called Kevorkian


The definition of mitten rippage, I'm scriptin exquisite writtens
A purely unadulterated Sex Pistol, like Sid the Vicious
I'm more delicious than a beer from Bell's Brewery
And I'm a Saint that's got this on Lock, like up in Sault Marie
Michigan is Erie cuz we claim to be Superior
We're not from either side, we just hold down the interior
Detroit had come to terms, they're infested with Rodman Worms
With more punches in my Palace than Artest or Thomas Hearns
A huge ego, I need aerial shots, so fly the blimp out
And when I die my burial plot is inside the Big House
I belong among the best like my name was Cobb or Trammell
Build a statue to my greatness too, that's so monumental
The game's changing, while others pretend to refine
I'm craftin inventions like Henry Ford's assembly line
We're smooth sailing through rough waters, and roll through all the lands
You wanna know where I'm from? I can show you on my....hand


(Randall Brian)
Track Name: Magic in the Booth
Magic in the Booth
(Verse 1)
A rather smart guy masquerading as a barfly
My cock has a clock stopwatch, gives you a hard time
Massive erection, light headed like cabin depression
Check your issues at the door, it's a baggage-free section
Are you hearing popping noises and blood curdling cries?
Those are just your ears being devirginized by Versatai
I'm extraterrestrial I got clones in another universe
Looking down upon me for the day I win a Pulitzer
The way I grip the mic, I'll be fillin up the gigabytes
Can tell I'm gettin old cuz all my shows are now on Nick at Nite
I'm broke as fuck but I'm not flowin using Pro Tools
But I'm still in a class of my own, I'm home schooled
I'm not power trippin, I'm a bit misogynistic
You're a dyke who fights for equal rights, this isn't awkward is it?
I'm reppin, bench pressin while I'm exorcising demons
And you've only seen sections of what I'm known to ride a beat with

One of these days you're gonna see me on the TV
You'll hear what I'm saying, and then I'll have you believing
My life has a purpose I'm supposed to find the meaning
I've tried to slow it down but the years continue speeding
Careening in a way that I'm unaccustomed to
I've got a chip on my shoulder, I've got something to prove
Sometimes I speak fast so try not to get confused
There's something special here it's like magic in the booth

(Verse 2)
I play this game like a goalie, I’m cutting off angles
Only way you’re reaching Heaven’s if you’re sucking off angels
I’m liberal with dirty jokes, I’m playfully degenerate
Got rocks off on your lockjaw, I’m facially insensitive
Miss me when I’m gone? I’m still a livin’, breathin’ bit of semen
Spit the sickest writtens meanin’ I insist the shit’s demeanin’
I dwell inside the Devil’s ass, I’m livin’ in a Hellhole
The 3 (three) of us are Worlds Apart, in the middle of 7(seven) 4 (fo’)
Killin these folks under invisibility cloaks
My ability smokes like the divinity pope’s division re-votes
Like Damon Wayans, I bring Major Payne when I invade your brain
I'll give you Grammar lessons, call me Dr. Frasier Crane
I've got mechanical rhythm, mandible cannibalism
Dismantle tangible symptoms like Hannibal's victims
Unlike the vandals of Canada's system, there is no free health care
And there's not a chance in Hell I give a fuck about your welfare


(Verse 3)
I've got the rapping answers like a doctor while you're battling cancer
Like a bear inside your tent in the wild, you're not a happy camper
I've evolved communication, bubbled up and been the first to frost
You're my hernia patient, so turn and cough
I write the longest horror stories, here's the quick version
I'll remove your Muslim head piece, I'm dis-turban
My style adapts perfectly for any beat or feature
My excited rodent fans are eager beaver bleacher creatures
My Great flows erecting China walls, they're language barriers
But still support me, be a line-backer like James Farrior
I'm three quarters of the way there, I need a quarterback
Cuz every dollar counts, so don't go and torrent that
We're almost to the end but this is only the beginning
Cuz it sounds like I write my rhymes in Coding like DaVinci
The world is full of lies but I'm inhabiting the truth
Cuz my raps are half the proof that there is magic in the booth
Track Name: Winds of Change (short)
Winds of Change
(chorus x2)
The winds of change are blowin, across the plain
Our new music, seems to be throwing you off your game
Focus on your career before calling my name
You think you sound different but you all sound the same

The mainstream has come back to Earth after a meteoric rise
As long as there is radio, people will keep supporting lies
The underground's returning like Jordan in 95
But we're still far apart like when divorce is finalized
We are more gifted in the clever department
Pickin off relevant artists like intelligent marksmen
The both of us always seem to be locked up in a foot race
And carving out our own Nook is pointless, like a bookcase
We wear Orion's Belt cuz we're a group of 3 stars
And we possess so much Desire like a Streetcar
But like tree bark, getting recognition seems hard
We're hungry artists, but at some point won't we starve?
The winds of change are blowin, across the plain
And like the Santa Ana's it's hot, it's causing flames
We're closer than we've ever been to a level playing field
Where one day it'll be popular NEVER to take a deal

(chorus x2)
Track Name: First Frost feat. Shneal
First Frost
There's nasty weather, and it's getting rather helter skelter
I drop a milli-bars, like barometric pressure
I spit conjecture with pleasure, rip it forever
I got a couple Growing Pains that I tried to Sever
It got better once I turned into an honest guy
Stopped chasin tail and wasn't blinded by the dollar sign
Apologized to everyone that I ostricized
Dropped the college lie, now I'm what hard work personifies
I homicide rhymes cuz my spirit's unbridled
While others back away cuz they hear I'm unrivaled
And they're afraid to print it cuz they fear that it's libel
So they make up stories and they appear as the Bible
I'm the Anti-Christ, more Frank than the 4th Reich
I'm coming back, take it to the bank in a fortnight
You can call me Nostradamus cuz I have the fore sight
To be a Skywalker and just get the Force right
Like Newton, I think outside the box, I'm existential
I believe what I believe and no belief is preferential
Cuz when I rain I pour, and trust me its torrential
So get your ducks in a row, and make sure they're sequential
I'm so cold that I make the frost permeate
I'm used to high pressure but that's just the cost to circulate
And with global warming raising temps like the murder rate
I'm a perpetrating hurricane set to exterminate

(chorus x2)
The first frost rolls in, under the ground
The chills hit your spine and start plummeting down
You shudder, if only because you're lovin the sound
We hit your ear drum like some thunderous clouds

First Frost I'm changing like the leaves
I watch the birds fly south, damn, that's freedom
You don't know the truth if you're believing it
For all I know I'm living the biggest lie, but I don't wanna leave again
It's play the game or get played by it
It's make a statement or stay quiet
I can't be who I am and who I'm supposed to be at the same time
It ain't right for me to change but I can't fight it
In my field, I'm the minority
Would try more to be normal but I got crooked priorities
If you wouldn't die for it, reconsider the choice
To keep going, I'm still here, you know what that means, don't ya
Pursuit of the vanity is viewed as insanity
Cuz what you do to get it will ruin who you plan to be
But screw it, I can handle it, the game can't handle me
And another dead vulture is food for the family
Some think you left when you thought that they were following
It hurts your heart, but is it worth the argument?
Is it love in you eyes or is it just a disguise?
I only speak the truth, so I don't trust in no lies
It's, First Frost, it's oh so bitter
Stayin close to my boys cuz it's almost winter
And the curiosity that made my flow grow sicker
Already killed the cat but it won't kill the whole litter, yeah

(Chorus x2)
Track Name: Why?
(verse 1)
Ball without a budget, I get paid bi-weekly
Workin 60 hour weeks, I rarely spend my time freely
You might see me, only if you come to my work
I'm goin fuckin berzerk, this number crunchin it hurts
Craft a masterpiece? More like I'm trapped in math's disasterpiece
I'm capped at half the salary, a fact that rather baffles me
From the beginning we held these truths to be self-evident
But what happens when you're screwed as a dude who's too intelligent
I get in the lab with a pen and a pad, to forget the past
I'm driftin back to envision the shit I wish I had
Bank accounts with the blank amounts, wish I could take it out
Not havin written a check wonderin which day it'll bounce
I'm holdin tough, cuz I know that's what a soldier does
I'm dyin inside, but I keep emotions frozen shut
I'm scrapin by, I'm like a shoe without the laces tied
I say I'm fine, but if I trip I may just say goodbye

(Chorus x2)
Why is my life shattered like a backboard?
Why am I always standing on a trap door?
Why do I sense that this is just a bad joke?
Then why is it so real that my accounts are flat broke?

(Verse 2)
My past is present and my future's lookin undefined
My role's reversed like flippin 6's into number 9's
Depressed about my lack of money saved, so I buy some beer
It tries to cheer me up, but it gets me drunk, and I wonder why I'm here
Sure I've got a healthy life, and yes I've got a sexy wife
And yes I know I'm talented, you don't have to tell me twice
I'm in a world of pain, my brain is spinnin like a hurricane
It's not depression or a storm, it starts with a K and ends with an A
Not Katrina or Korea, it's more than likely karma
I have to be creative in order to stretch my money farther
I'd take five but never to break stride
A helluva trained eye lookin for a thousand ways to die
My appearance is a facade, caught bluffin
I've said it loud and proud so maybe I can stop frontin
I could run away but I bet it solves nothin
I wish this were a game so I could hit the pause button

(Chorus x2)

(Verse 3)
Well its, for better or worse, and in sickness and health
It's an intelligent curse when you're wicked as hell
I'm not tough, I've rarely been up in a fuckin fight
But my persona changes when I'm pickin up the mic
Nothin's right, a lot has changed since my solo intro
Forgo my kinfolk, they should learn to hold their lips closed
Stop begging me for money you know I don't owe you
And if you think I do then lawyer up and try to show proof
So nice to peoples' faces, but the nasty rears its ugly head
As soon as backs are turned, it's a moment that I fuckin dread
Two-faced motherfuckers, why do I CARE what my uncle said
Have you ever thought to enjoy life and try to love instead?
Over the years I've bit my lip and kept my trap shut
So I apologize if my words hit you like a Mack truck
Before you ask me why, understand where I am coming from
The answer to your why, is it is YOU that I am running from

(chorus x2)
Track Name: The Craft Show feat. DZK and Warbux
The Craft Show

(chorus x2)
I'm making art, don't you see this is the craft show?
I'm collecting dollar bills every time that I pass go
When I'm writin bars I can sound just like an asshole
You weren't on my collabos cuz you've never seen a craft show

I’ve got a knack for craftin’ lines cuz no one raps it like this mastermind
I sharpen hardened blades to carve your face, I’ve got an axe to grind
You have to die, you’re facing certain death, you’re such a nervous wreck
While I’m as calm as ever, probably cuz I popped a Percocet
Your girl's textin me X and O, she used you as a steppin' stone
I ride where I reside, cuz her vagina is my second home
I'm a legend known to speak a bunch of savage shit
My C4 is a hit, but not to sink a fuckin Battleship
I'll teach you how to slash your wrists, so call me MasterCuts
Scare you worse than the morning after you didn't wrap it up
With shit more disgusting than what two girls do to a plastic cup
I blow a lot of smoke, but listen close cuz I can back it up
I've spent a lifetime avoiding wackness, I'm fucking allergic
I give the people what they want, call that customer service
Ascending to the top, it's such a feat to reach the pinnacle
But I'm a stroke of genius, you beat your meat to these subliminals

(chorus x2)

Got no reason for breathin', an apprehension for livin'
Cuz my existance just consists of stalkin' innocent women
Talkin in voices, "let's kill them and get it out of our system"
Damn, this iPhone Siri bitch is serious business
I knew I should've Asked Jeeves
I'm at your local high school makin rent sellin crack leaves
Yeah these kids are too fuckin stupid if you ask me
"Here", I got em puffin parsley out a glass piece
What the fuck, I get drunk, yo there's no joke for this line
I'm drunk at all times, I'm broke in my mind
Yo how this liquor like this legal and yet smokin's a crime
Where the fuck is Ryan Dunn, I wanna go for a drive
Listen, for all my fuckin rhymes, I should apologize
But I will not cuz you would know that it's a fuckin lie
I've got no conscience, I'm just monsterous
And I'ma say what the fuck I gotta say, that's a promise

(chorus x2)

I'm the illest in the game and I'm stakin my claim
The name's Warbux, bitch, don't you take it in vain
Now I ain't sayin that I'm God, but I'm Goddamn close
And I'll explain it to you why, but take some Goddamn notes
I've been doin this rap shit since you were in diapers
Before the influence of wack shit that's been ruining cyphers
But this is where the New Era begins
We were kind enough to share the shit with Jeremy Lin
But this ain't basketball
This is masterful rappin, my notebook is protected by a castle wall
And I am just a stone, you can laugh your asses off
Cuz I wanna eat a burger worse than David Hasselhoff
My mom calls me Brian, friends call me Orakpo
Your girl calls me daily, I call her a crack hoe
This is the Craft Show, Creep Show and Versatai is
Servin up some verses more merciless than the MRSA virus

(chorus x2)
Track Name: Survival of the Misfits (short)
Survival of the Misfits
How many people actually listen to my music?
You say it's in the thousands? Go ahead and prove it
Facebook "likes" and SoundClick charts are useless
Don't be so clueless, those are only for amusement
There's a handful of people who know I spit amazing rhymes
The rest listen to the radio, they're wasting time
It's bubble gum, cookie cutter shit that's just erasing minds
They follow what is popular instead of just embracing mine
You say you're a fan because you are a friend to me?
I did shows you didn't see, you just pretend to be
I released an album that you said you'd buy eventually
You can't name a lyric from my songs, you're dead to me
If that's what you want, pop music's to the rescue
Catchy beats and simple hooks they just impress you
It's too bad cuz our style of flow you shouldn't miss this
We're still here cuz it's survival of the misfits

The general public has turned into some nitwits
All my so-called fans are on my shit list
When in doubt we come alive, you gotta come to grips with
We're not dying, it's survival of the misfits
In the grand scheme of things you know we don't belong
You gotta give us a chance, just hear our songs
I promise one day that you'll wanna sing along
Hear a full album and tell me that I'm wrong
Track Name: Self-Destructive feat. Randall Brian

(verse 1)
When I started I had just one focus and one goal
But continuing that focus led me down a tough road
I started spreadin' thin, just to win, cuz I never did
Give a shit about the other artists I was reppin with
Sure I pretended to have their best interests in mind
But all I really cared about was the vision of mine
Selfish, self-sufficient, self-destructive but beside myself
Just a shitty human being but believe me I hide it well
Switched from solo to group shit, I kept restricted livin
Skipped my inhibitions and I sniffed a bit of a premonition
Gettin up out of my way has been the toughest challenge one could face
Pushing forward but like on a treadmill I'm runnin in place
I'm gettin in my own way, which is blowin like hoes with cocaine
Continuing flowin with no pay until I'm strokin the Rogaine
One day I hope to break down these walls and see what's over there
I need to just stick to a plan and fuckin grow a pair

(chorus Randall Brian)
Get out of my way, I just can't get out of my way
I keep on building up these walls to just break them down one day
I think it's insanity, that I continue in this cycle of corruption
I think it's self-destruction

(verse 2)
So where do I go from here, it’s time to open up my eyes and ears
Switching back and forth from solo and group shit is kinda weird
I just need to pick a direction to try to go with my career
My liquid courage is fricken worthless without my wine and beer
It boils down to learning more than perseverance
It's about perfect scores of murder lyrics
I lost sight of the important people that have helped me
I shoulda listened closer to my bros who were tryin to tell me
Go solo but maintain those close known associate cats
The connected ones who act like assassins and sociopaths
My friends goin to no end to buck the trend like rodeo acts
I pounded the ground from town to town, now I'm the clown throwing the daps
My self-destructive tendencies are getting close to comin to close
I was putting together the pieces of the puzzle too slow
I've grown so damn much since I released Bubble, you know
It's hard out here for a pimp, Hustle and Flow

Track Name: Axis of Evil feat. Hemi, and Twigz of Sick For Brains
Axis of Evil
No time to recuperate, my laser scope is super trained
I stepped up my recruitment game, assume my crew is too insane
Elusive brain functions are a result of my nerve gas
I bet it works fast, makes you decompose like curb trash
You envy, my WMDs a plenty
Stockpiling M-16s with 10 g's of spending
A prisoner of war, why do you have heightened hope?
My injections will make you see shapes and colors like a kaleidoscope
You're a frightened joke, I'm more than sinister to prisoners
Victims curse the way I handle discussing eviction terms
Kim Jong Il, Hussein and Bin Laden, I killed all three of them
Imagine what I do to hip hop, with just a beat and pen
I strike you like a match, you're the first to spark a work of art
The way I took this verse apart, I sure deserve a Purple Heart
I'm saving the best for last, you see, I plan my exit strategy
Don't ever try to capture me, you'll have a dead extraction team

(chorus x2)
We are the Axis of Evil
Weapons of mass destruction like Iran, Iraq and Korea
We're always rappin deceitful
We cut to the heart of the matter like we're stabbin the people

Hold up, you gotta be kiddin'
Shit me and this squad just sit around, and we laugh at the thought of you livin'
I'm kind of offended you breathe, get around me it'll be different
Cuz I'm absolutely breathtaking, guess I forgot to mention
*breath* Mu, mu, murder, mu, murder, murder, convicted for certain
Convert the verdict and word it perfect and give me a turban
I'm bout to blow up, show up, at ya crib, when you get home from work and
Then I'll be waiting at your window, you see me, then it's curtains
It's kinda funny ain't it?
I get my money like respect because I fuckin' take it
So what the fuck you thinkin'? That he's what, amazin'?
The best rapper in the world and that's an understatement
Look I was born in the darkness of my Bane shit
Crash landed in Atlanta in my spaceship
I stand out cuz I am what you ain't bitch
And ask me, no need for further statements, yeah

(chorus x2)

Versatai & Hemisphere, that mix is lethal.
When you add Twigz it equals The Axis of Evil.
Fuck passive and peaceful. This grass twistin feind'll
mix the hash with the diesel then go savage and eat you.
I smash bitches kegels when i beat broads
with my meat rod then skeet blobs on their beach bods.
Do bad shit to people when i send your weak squad
to meet God. Fuck beef, naw this is Jihad.
Bullets flyin downward from my sniper tower
turn your spine to powder. Leave you guys devoured with my firepower.
Al Qaeda sounds I kick with big bombs lit.
And my flow is dead ill, I spit Kim Jong shit.
Conflicts get squashed with a super sized slaughter.
You'd survive longer as a suicide bomber.
& this brutal life stoppers operatin in ungodly ways &
y'all keep sayin "War is hell" so you better call me Satan.

(chorus x2)
Track Name: The Fire Inside (short)
The Fire Inside
(chorus x2)
Me? I've got the fire inside
It makes me come alive like I'm Optimus Prime
Fuck a dollar sign just gimme the bottom line
I'm in a marathon tryna outrun Father Time

It's so sick I write to win while addicted to Vicodin
So cold like liquid nitrogen, I blow when mixed with hydrogen
A total eclipse, that ignites my pen for a take over
I'm a flame thrower, my day job is just a place holder
My fire inside is desire and pride
I've tried to, admire the ride with my titlist scribe
That means I'm a champion without ever demanding tons
And I don't give a fuck about your resume of Grammy's won
The slick one with incredible diction
So punishing while blowing lines, now that's a Big Pun
Right now I care more about ASCAP than NASDAQ
I'm trying to control my flames, like battling a backdraft
Understand I'm not the type to cross
I'm Flower Power Mario, spittin fireballs
You're rhymes are out of control like driving on bald tires
I use your lyric sheets as fuel for, my bonfires

(chorus x2)
Track Name: Make it Shine feat. Phathom
Make it Shine
All I'm really tryin to do is make it shine
And if you're gettin in my way then I'ma take what's mine
The way I lace it up should be a major crime
And if you think that you can hang with me, you're wasting time
And if you think that you can hang with me, you're wasting time
The way I lace it up should be a major crime
And if you're gettin in my way then I'ma take what's mine
All I'm really tryin to do is make it shine

(Verse 1 Versatai)
I bend the rules and I've seen it from several different views
To spit the truth, just envision what's within your roots
I've been abused, fact or fiction, just snap a picture
In a flash imagine it hits ya faster than Jack the Ripper
Magical palate spitter lacing up the verbs and nouns
Take internal sounds and make statements personal now
I stand on vertical ground, to get the right angle
The mic cable holds together where my life's mangled
I turn it positive like water to wine, and silence to gold
Polish and shine my Midas flow for the microphone
I'm the type to clone, defined by my perseverence
I won't lie to get inside my mind you need a certain clearance
You're a pivotal witness to my digital sickness
Catching every line of my is like physical fitness
I'm a heavyweight that'll put you in your final resting place
And make sure that the last thing you're seeing is my sexy face


I shove skin down your throat off the side of your tongue
To build up the residue deep inside of your lungs
Call the coroner, I'm gon' murder the mic
The pervert spit the verbalist, workin it right
My telepathy builds these energy fields
Within a 50 mile radius every enemy's drilled
Eliminate your assumption
Examine clinical studies physicians conducted
I still, reign supreme, still spark your mind
Still quick to fry your hard drive with raw rhymes
Never doubt me neither, I'll choke you through speakers
And scramble any signal you send to you leader
Physicians try to find the answer
When they freeze dry all of my saliva samples
They panic with nothin to follow
I'm so ahead of my time I press rewind to live tomorrow, yeah


(Verse 2 Versatai)
I'm gettin it started, I get in the booth and spit it retarded
I'm hittin em harder, killin it marvelous, flippin it infinite quicker than Harmonous
This shit is preposterous, whether you're in a village or metropolis
I'm hittin it great and your pitching mistake is you're havin to face Goose Gossage's
The rivers will run red with the bloodshed from a game that's underfed
With features, cheaper than the meat in between a couple pieces of Wonder Bread
I'm keepin some cash up under my bed, I'm lettin it get to my wonderous head
The cheddar has never been better forever, I'm clever to sever and bludgeon to death
The hardest yet, cuttin you deep in the meat with the sharpest edge
Using a guillotine, to deplete your fleet, I'ma be seen as market fresh
Cuz I'ma be charring flesh, with the way the rap game has changed our percepts
This isn't life in the fast lane, enticing the wack names be aimed at as targets next
That's as lame as an artist gets, gettin sent to the pit of rock bottom
It's givin a fit with the flick of a wrist, it'll hit you quick and you got problems
The game is severed, you better believe your dreams'll be cut in half
It'll make you a suffering succotach, puttin others up under a bloodened bath

Track Name: I'm So Cocky
I'm So Cocky
(Chorus x2)
I don't know why I'm so cocky
But I guarantee that you won't stop me
I'll hit you so hard that you don't got teeth
I'm so cocky, I'm so cocky

(Verse 1)
I'm the cockiest, crossin pollen like a botanist
I love poking things like a phlebotomist
Bitches ask me how long is my cock gon stay hard
If I'm cocked I'm unpredictable like Doppler radar
I'm cockier than Joe Cocker
With a "Little Help From My Friends" my "Wonder Years" aren't so awkward
I wrote and recorded this verse in less than an hour
Flows come harder than sex in the shower
Crude drillin fool, Arabian land shark
A Smooth Criminal, call me Alien Ant Farm
I spit futuristic, think they might hate me?
I'm ahead of time like Daylight Savings
Give me food for thought, but um, I'm underfed
I'm cocky enough to break the law and go and hug a Fed
When it comes to who's the cockiest, there is no discussion
My elements are heating up like a toaster oven

(chorus x2)

(Verse 2)
Jada said he's not cocky, he's confident
Too bad when you hear me I'm the opposite
Your awkwardness, is coupled with incompetence
I've got a list of dudes I'm demolishin'
If you're on the shit, it's cuz we were beefing at one time
I prolly beat your ass in the back of the lunch line
Or I stole your girl cuz I told her she was fine
Or you just were hit with a legitimate punch line
(Whoa) Broke your back and now I'm over that
When I'm through with you, you'll dead end like a cul de sac
I'm a party and business mix, like a mullet back
And after I win I always give a chance to run it back
So tough in fact I don't lose
I'm so cocky, I'm running sprints with no shoes
Outdoing Noah, building Arks with no tools
Cuz even with a fever people tell me I'm so cool

(chorus x2)
Track Name: Out of the Dark feat. S.H.A.D.O.W. and Keith Terry
Out of the Dark
Death is trapped in my head, in a prisoner's bed
I've become a victim of dread until I'm clinically dead
Fearing the day that I die and embracing the times
Heaven's a haven in the skies to escape from our lives
I'm living the dream cuz of the nightmare of reality
That practically every day passes me, is this my last to breathe?
It's not the thought of being dead, it's heading into the light
And out of the dark is the unknown, I'm so consumed with fright
Every time I wake up I speak praise for each day
But the truth is I don't appreciate, it's cliche
Sometimes I catch myself too often watchin' the second hand
Cuz life's a scary roller coaster like ridin' at Neverland
It seems insae to complain about my achin' and pains
While the day remains when my remains will be wasting away
There's no need to live in fear, I know the end is near
I just hate that I have no idea when the hell it's here
And if I live my life I have so much less to fear
Everything's in focus, it's become forever clear


Descriptive misdirection, industry saturated
Whatever niggas buildin' I'm leaving dilapidated
Sacred meaning the bars, swinging a sword at stars
I'm walking with battle scars from battling with my scars
Hard as you've ever seen, but seeing me is a chore
Forgive me for my yawning but rappers today are bores
And I'm walking through closed doors, mind's a skeleton key
My brain is a broken prism, more colorful when I free
Should I, flinch at the facts of niggas is throwin disses?
No I laugh at their subliminals, really they're blowin kisses
You can miss me with that wack shit, keep it strictly with rhymes
Cuz I'll dead you in the streets, you'll figure me out in time
Lines like coke abusers and pipes like Roto Rooters
Hard bodied and I'm smart, you need soldiers and tutors
Really I'm like the Sooners, graphic as Dexter murders
I knock my conscience unconscious to take it a little further
Kansas City got a king, consider S.H.A.D.O.W. the President
A Spartan like I'm Darwin, I'm never out of my element


(Keith Terry)
So many questions seeping all over the surface
Am I worth it? Determines the verse that I'm immersed in
And throughout all the struggles, the songs that hit the hardest
Are the ones where I'm the artist making sure my name is never tarnished
I let out more emotion than the pad and pen can handle
You can't teach my passion to anyone with any manuel
But every single time, that I try and go for mine
I'm told to back down my emotions because "rappers don't cry"
I'm not a rapper then I craft with proper precision
A laser equipped Bic pen, and a sonar guided mission
I've seen family members squander musical vision
With cubicle livin and, never will I be there with em
I work too hard, and still I'm underrated
My elation hasn't faded, I won't quit til I'm the greatest
If my tears rule me out for a record label deal
Then I'll accept that fact, but I'll never keep my heart concealed
It'll never be concealed
Track Name: Victorious (short)

(chorus x4)
Yo, you know my flow is glorious
I shall prevail, I'll be victorious

I'm so correct, and like Rodney I'm gettin "no respect"
It's a Dangerfield, huntin Star Wars like Boba Fett
I'm tasting victory like exploding the Death Star
Now only if my homies that know me would totally rep hard
I write the best bars when I'm pressured to perform
Never to conform, I can smell it and I bet that you've been warned
I understand that you'll never hit a playback
Finding the fame is like a needle in a haystack
I'm tryin to save rap with my victorious ways
But I bet I stay trapped in this glorious maze
Reaching for the top like I'm Kilimanjaro
Take everything I got and just fill it with sorrow
Cuz I'll get there, I've administered despair
Got props and top spots by wrestlin Ric Flair
It ain't a mystery, you can't be fakin' makin' history
I'd like to gain a little piece to say I'm tastin' victory

(chorus x4)
Yo, you know my flow is glorious
I shall prevail, I'll be victorious
Track Name: The Final Showdown
The Final Showdown
(Verse 1)
Self-depricating, never fading like I'm telestrating
Demonstrating amazing elevating, my brain's depraving
Waiting, like against enemy forces
But the enemy's myself, that's why the threat is enormous
My angels and my demons make my conscience battle me
Apparently the end result is personality
Well actually, my brain waves have interfered
Crashing left to right, tonight's a fight with hemisphere
And when your circuit breaker trips your inner demons see the pain
And that's what leads to interruptions at the VMAs (Kanye)
My dreams refrain from continuity, I don't know who to be
A knight in shining armor or a dude that's on a shooting spree
There's two of me, cohesive thoughts escape my consciousness
One day I am a millionaire, the next day I'm impoverished
I gotta fix, this Jekyll and Hyde-like schitzophrenia
Before I get messed up in the limelight killin ten of ya

(Chorus x2)
Yeah, it's about to go down
I against I, in the final showdown
Yeah, it's about to go down
It's me versus me in the final showdown

(Verse 2)
It's uncharted territory and I'm sorta scared of glory
My mind is fucking me up like I'm holding a pair of 40s
You're asked a simple question and you offer no response
Cuz your brain has no way of deciphering all your thoughts
When your dreams leave your sleep it's an amplified nuisance
It has to lie rooted deep in rapid eye movement
Otherwise if dreams were reality, it'd be a tragedy
You couldn't take anything you dreamt about casually
Cuz nothing's what it seems in dreams, you need to watch it
Or your mind's taking flight so high up in a cockpit
With cloudy vision, surrounded by loud emissions
Astounding sounds that pound your head are found compounding writtens
It hurts to say how I feel a nervous breakdown
Cuz I'd be lying if I said that I'm in perfect shape now
Cuz I'm a fucking mess, but you would expect nothing less
Tons of stress has run its test, I've done by best so what is next? Yo

(chorus x2)

(Verse 3
So if your head is cloudy you just gotta talk it out
Whether you sit down to therapy or write a song about
The right or wrong amount of chemicals could be costly
It could mean that you're a genius or you have cerebral palsy
My imbalance made the former true with a distorted view
Cuz when you remember every detail, it tortures you
It's a gift and a curse, kinda like a script with no words
Your eyes are playing tricks like your vision is blurred
By debilitating diseases like Alzheimer's and Parkinson's
With pills that make you squeamish having taught liars to market them
It never fixes anything, at least that's how it seems to me
All it does is increases doctors' visits in frequency
Nothing's gonna fix me, I Die Hard or Live Free
And sometimes I question how solutions come so quickly
The doctor said I was different when I was born at Bixby
Well do you Believe it or Not? My mind's stranger than Ripley

(chorus x2)
Track Name: 100 Bars
I'm a terrorist, you're scared with terror, need a therapist?
Apparent derelict, exploding flares, impairing Arabics
I'm owning totem poles with open soles from Rome to Kosovo
Known to impose my quotables, go slow you're prone to overdose
Comatose, and I'll hit with descriptive ballistics
Encript a hidden virus and I'll give you digital sickness
I'm cancerous like a scandalous televangelist
A cataclysmic killer catastrophically calamitous
They call me Versatai, I'm the perfect crime diversified
Make sure insurgents die, if I hurt your pride, keep it internalized
I'm a poltergeist that’s so cold as ice when I hold the mic
With flows so tight it's known I might stick out more than an overbite
My torture chamber has swords and razors, and a hoard of dangers
Torch invaders with the Force of Vader, go and warn the neighbors
I dump bodies, I'm an ungodly precision dropper
I punch Gotti's and I run trolleys like Mr. Rogers
You battle me, I'll turn the lights out like the Amish
Download me for free, but I guarantee you're payin' homage
And at that price you're robbing me blind, so I changed to Vonage
I'll take a hostage and get extra credit like I stayed in college
Built my resume in 7 days, the God of features
Playin "just the tip''s like when my favorite artist drops a teaser
Professor Versatai, been schoolin guys, but not a teacher
Chompin at the bit to eat rappers while wearin' Crocs for sneakers
Never missin with my mouth, imagine havin’ it shot at you
You’ll die from goin nuts, anaphylactic shock value
Another episode of wreckin foes, impeccable
A rapper that doesn't reference gettin' cheddar or lettuce, vegetables
Cookin flow shit, use the heat for reference, Hell's Kitchen
Don't lose focus when I flash the Lethal Weapon, Mel Gibson
Merciless circuitry, cuz Verse is on a murder spree
I'm heard so universally so learn my terms concurrently
I'm stuck in tough times, but I'm more than fuckin punch lines
When other topics come by, trust me I'll be just fine
It's lunch time and I'm snackin' on you engineers
Been rappin for eleven years while using half my hemispheres
I'm a liquored vet, cigarette'in up the internet
Facebook's good for buildin' rep, but to hit direct then Twitter's best
Treat my BandCamp like Van Damme and kickin down the doors
Don't think I'll amount to more? then unplug the fuckin power cord
I'm photogenic, you soldiers are co-dependent
I can tell you're stuck up like bein anal hole retentive
I'm so expensive in the sense that I pen gold
Treating other rappers like another notch in my bedpost
I'm a Trojan Horse, approach with force and leave with open sores
You think that you can flow? Of course, but only as a floating corpse
I'm a ticking time bomb, with visions in my right palm
I picture images, depict what's clicked within a Nikon
I wreck standards with the best candor
I'm an Anchorman, illegal in more states than Sex Panther
I'm a world record holder, find me in the Book of Guinness
Takin baby steps, cuz I'm loop, swoop and pullin bitches
I sway votes, while I make you the scapegoat
Cuz your rhymes are as Progressive as insurance rate quotes
I'm an overworked, sober jerk, lazy fuck who stole this verse
Broke the mold at first but focused most on torching motor nerves
Absorb the burns as I descecrate your sacred land
Play the game at hand, I battle like Custer to take a stand
The shit I spit is magically lethal, badly illegal
Our rapture has you scavenger people actin deceitful
Masterful freak show making audiences stand and cheer
I'm so persuasive, I've got Muslims goin HAM this year
I'm an infomercial you can watch me when it's gettin late
I'm a Grout Bully, I penetrate and eliminate
Sweeter than Skittles, I'm doin' my best Marshawn
You couldn't reach the crowd if you were Stretch Armstrong
A whirling dervish, so be careful when I start to funnel
You're not the type, you feel trapped inside the carpal tunnel
Music's a marathon, you ask if you have to run far?
You're a bad rapper, but a great golfer, you're subpar
Did you say you're tryin' to make a lifestyle change?
So that's why you said "hey guys, pile on stage!"
You want me on your track for features cuz I'm such a rabid creature
I'm a dirty fuck, slappin' teachers with my Trapper Keeper
I'm flexible, I wear rubbers like neoprene
While I'm takin ya girl to Fuck You (U) like Cee Lo Green
I feel certain, my Steel Curtain hits like Mean Joe Greene
I'm Manning up and tossing her out like I'm Tebow's team
Clean up on aisle "Weak", I've heard all about your swag
You have ambitious writtens, you got your chickens counted before they hatch
Fighting with your DJ, think you'll make it without a scratch?
You're on a fuckin island, dumpster divin, you won't amount to trash
Behold the hourglass, cuz I'm the Cinderella Man
Time's up, you're less offensive than the 2011 Rams
You're craftin less complexity than nursery rhymes
With talent buried so deep it's impossible to surgically find
They call me Vers with atai, I'm a versatile guy
And if you wanna fuck like porn stars, I'm the first to recline
They call me the Merlin of rhymes cuz I am magic in the booth
Call me Jesus or Tebow, my legend's immaculately true
I'm bunk rockin, quarterbackin, with run options
And when you're at my shows you're more excited than Gus Johnson
Your perch on top ya crew is strictly ceremonial
The only way you're fittin in is stickin your dick inside a glory hole
The more we know, the fuckin less we try to understand
Check my discography, cuz my body is a Wonderland
Every verse I write I spit with quite the rare charm
I love my tattooed guns, but you have the right to bare (bear) arms
A hundred bars this hard, but I don't double charge
Accepted in more places than an AmEx or Discover Card